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About the author

Natasha N Brown

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”
― Ernest Hemingway

Natasha N Brown is the author of best-selling children’s book, Jehvon Goes to Jamaica.

An English and Media teacher and examiner, Natasha has spent the last twenty-five years writing scripts, poems, short stories, blogs and even writing for local newspapers. She is heavily influenced by life and people in general, including the young people she teaches. Travelling the world has given Natasha plenty of inspiration for her writing, which ultimately led to her fulfilling her dream of writing her very first children’s book, dedicated to her young son.

Natasha has a BA honours degree in Media and Communications and Creative and Professional Writing, along with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Birmingham City University. She also has a qualification in Counselling and Therapy.

Within a week of its release, Jehvon Goes to Jamaica, reached the number one spot on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List for ‘Exploring Central and South America’ for Children, demonstrating the need for black characters as protagonists in an everyday story. This colourful book is actually based on the very first time she took her son to Jamaica for a family wedding. "He loved it so much that my mother and I laughed about the things he did and said for years afterwards! Additionally, my parents are from the Caribbean and I wanted to show children who may never get the chance to go, just how wonderful Jamaica truly is!”

Midlands based Natasha spends her spare time researching psychology and spirituality, travelling, attending concerts, spending valuable time with loved ones and going for extremely slow walks in her local valleys, woods and parks, even in the drizzling rain! She is also a lifelong Mariah Carey fan and owns all of her albums!

You can keep in touch with Natasha by following her @author.nnbrown on both Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to visit her blog page too!

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