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April 2021- Author reading at Primary School

A few weeks ago, I was asked to do an author reading at a primary school. Of course, I was super excited to do this, especially when I was told that I'd be reading to three year groups, meaning 180 pupils in total!

I was very impressed with the students, who were all well-behaved, excited and enthusiastic!
All year groups listened to the blurb, could tell me what they thought was going to happen in the book, and listened to the story attentively. They even joined in with the reading!
At the end, the pupils asked thought-provoking and insightful questions, including 'why did you wake Jehvon up in the middle of the night instead of letting him sleep?' and 'what is Afro-Caribbean?'! 

It was my absolute pleasure to visit Bilston Primary and read to Key Stage 1 pupils! Thank you to Mrs Bunce and Mr Gentle for the invitation! 

Testimonial from Mrs Bunce, English Leader at BPS

"Miss Brown confidently and passionately read her engaging story to our pupils. Children enjoyed listening to the patterned language and rhyme from the narrative, finding out about Jehvon's adventures in Jamaica. Enthused, children were able to ask thoughtful and insightful questions and Miss Brown answered them. Thank you for an exciting afternoon, discussing the process of writing a children's fiction book - it has definitely inspired our children. We look forward to hearing about Jehvon's next adventure!" 

 Helen Bunce, English Leader at Bilston Church of England Primary School

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