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The story of Jehvon Goes to Jamaica - a chance to learn about a beautiful country!


Jehvon Goes to Jamaica is a stand-out children's book for little readers aged 7 and under. Based on Natasha's own son, it follows a little boy who goes on his very first holiday to this wonderful island, and you get to go along with him, starting from him being woken up in the middle of the night and getting on the plane!

As mentioned above, Natasha wrote this book based on her own son's first holiday to Jamaica for a family wedding. "He really loved the place so I felt like that had to be documented somewhere!" she recalls. "He was a lot younger than Jehvon when he went but even now, we still laugh at how he embraced the country and the culture!" 

Natasha's family is from the Caribbean, so as you can imagine, the book is close to her heart. "I thought about the time I went as a child and what that meant to me. I also wanted to pay tribute to my family members, so the characters are based on real people! I hope this comes across in the book!"

Within the first 10 days of release, Jehvon Goes to Jamaica hit the number one spot on Amazon's Best Seller's List for 'Exploring Central and South America for Children'!

The book features relatable events such as playing with new cousins and meeting other family members for the first time but also other events that young children may not do so often, such as visiting a waterfall and learning how to fry dumplings! The rhyming sentences and flow of the story, coupled with the beautiful pictures by the amazing Shiela Alejandro, makes Jehvon Goes to Jamaica a perfect addition for every child's book collection.

This book is really something: while it's quite clearly a book for children, it is just as  enjoyable for adults. Many adults have commented on how the book allowed them to reminisce on past holidays, whether to Jamaica or elsewhere. It also gives those who have not been to the Caribbean a chance to see what it's really like and hopefully place Jamaica on their list of future travel destinations!

If you haven't already got yourself a copy, head to the shop page to get yourself a signed one. You can also purchase on Amazon!




Jehvon is a 5 year old who you get to meet in Jehvon Goes to Jamaica. He is a fun-loving child who is not afraid to try new things and see new places! 

Look out for the next instalment to find out where Jehvon goes next!

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